How to Copy Text to Clipboard With Javascript.


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To copy something to the clipboard you'll need window.navigator.clipboard. Yep, that's pretty much it. Not everything must be difficult.

Here is usage example:

window.navigator.clipboard.writeText("Hello World!");

Wanna see a real life example? Click "COPY URL" at the bottom of this post.

Copy to Clipboard with navigator.clipboard.writetext Example

<button data-url-copied-text="Copied!" onclick="copyURL()" role="button">Copy</button>
function copyURL() {

  const $button =;
  const initialButtonText = $button.text;
  const urlCopiedButtonText = $button.getAttribute('data-url-copied-text');


  $button.text = urlCopiedButtonText;
  setTimeout(function() {
    $button.text = initialButtonText;
  }, 500);

I hardcoded onclick="copyURL()", but you got the idea. As you can see, I went little further and implemented UI feedback with help of data-attribute data-url-copied-text, so your fellow visitors will feel more comfortable.

Cannot read properties of undefined reading 'writeText'

The use of navigator.clipboard requires a secure origin. You can create a workaround with hidden element and document.execCommand('copy'). I remember using such hacks back in the days, when jQuery was a thing, but it's up to you. I'm not gonna dive into the details — it's already well described here.

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